You can use the license in all the domains of your property. This means that there is no limit, as long as they are personal. It is not allowed to share licenses among several people or you can end up being excluded without reimbursement option.

You have multiple options from the theme panel to customize it. If you want to customize it even more you can do it but always under your responsibility.

We do not make modifications.

Payment is made from our website and is through Paypal.

If you want to make the purchase through another payment method you can make it through Skrill. To use this other option, contact us through the chat.

You must renew the license every year to continue receiving support and updates. Otherwise you can only access it while your license is active.

The duration of a license is 1 year.

No, we do not make modifications of any kind. But if you wish, once inside you can access our ideas forum and give us ideas to add to the theme.

Notice: We do not realize all the ideas that users propose to us.

Currently it is only compatible with another of our themes: ToroPlay.

Our idea is to give updates to all our themes. We do not guarantee a minimum, but we can guarantee that you will get updates.

No, we do not refund because it is a digital product and it is not possible to return it. We advise you to review the theme well and ask us all your questions before making the purchase.